Advertising Contribution To the floor Plan

As chip manufacturing produces new system generations every two years, marketing’s accountability is to verify points on a roadmap the place method technology and market wants intersect. At what method node does a brand new perform end up useful and cost little or nothing to add? Furthermore, when can an outside operate, whether mainstream or optional on the time, be integrated into the mainstream subsequent-generation SoC and sold at suited margins?

Take the instance of a chip company producing two distinct mobile mobile SoCs, every with a distinctive radio to serve two different provider vendors. As soon as approach science made the silicon subject on hand, advertising made the selection to integrate the 2 radios onto one chip. For that reason, it elevated the total addressable market whilst chopping the fee of serving these diverse markets and supplying introduced revenue for the product line. The additional field wanted for the 2d radio is offset by using operational economies of scale and quantity-pushed growth in satisfactory and the brought finish-person advantage of owning a multi-regular world cell.

Yet another illustration illustrates marketing opting to use a process science boost to integrate on-chip protection or configuration data stored in off-chip EEPROM and flash. Integrating an EEPROM or flash is impractical, due to the fact it requires additional method steps. However, a one-time-programmable (OTP) anti-fuse memory applied in a ordinary logic method can provide the function on chip.

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