Another ring of our chain is the working places

Another ring of our chain is the working places. Let’s take Al Dar Company; for instance, which is built as the shape of a big circle this is of course reflects the concept of the company which is care not only with the internal design but also the external shape.

This chain flows and leads us to another circle which contains the essential places in peoples life. Airports are one of those places and they are considered as the front exposure of any country. Huge numbers of people use them Back and forth; consequently, their decoration should be much varied than any other places. This variation starts with the shape of the building, the size, kinds of decoration, and its facilities. The shape of the buildings should be attractive; for receiving different levels of people like presidents, businessmen, tourists, celebrities, and regular travelers. Beside that, the size of its building based on the airport capacity. In other words, this capacity depends on the airport location; for example, The Dubai International Airport is a shining destination in the Middle East it delivers many travelers, so it’s larger than The Fujairah Airport. The decoration of the airports should be simple and furnished with comfortable practical furniture. Also one of the important facilities that the airport offers is luxury hotels that are characterized by attractive and unique decoration.

Similarly in hospitals and medical centers the interior designers are keen to choose simple decorations to provide all the amenities of the visitors or patient by six different ways. First, choose the appropriate furniture with appropriate materials. Such as sofas and chairs in the reception are made of certain materials like leather and plastic to be easy in cleaning and sterilizing. Second, in the crowded waiting areas that full of auditors, designers are interested to contain a sufficient number of chairs. Third, create sections and departments in a good way that allows moving comfortably among them. Forth, choose peaceful colors which make the place more extensive. For example, the designers choose light colors more than dark colors, like they use the white colors exclusively in the patient’s rooms, relaxation rooms, and physiotherapy rooms. Also they use the light degrees of yellow and orange in the waiting rooms to give the people feeling of rejoicing. Fifth, they put a good lighting in each place by its function. Finally, choosing furniture that doesn’t take lots of space. “Good designers can create normalcy out of chaos; they can clearly communicate ideas through the organizing and manipulating of words and pictures.” (Jeffery Veen,2000).

Occasions that need decoration :

We have lots of special occasions that we use decoration in it whether these occasions are national, religious , or social. For the national occasions, the National Day of the United Arab Emirates which is held every year on 2nd December is a good example for the distingue and unique decoration which has seen clearly in the streets the fantastic lights with the four colors of the flag. The amazing use of the laser lights on the National Companies building like Etisalal and Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry to draw the photos of the U.A.E rulers as well as the electric bright flags.

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