“Being a woman on this subject is an competencies” Gita Ramanan Co-founder and chief design and HR officer, Design Cafe, Bengaluru


Gita Ramanan is an architect, who additionally has an Entrepreneurial administration Certification from ISB, Hyderabad. She labored has with a number of design corporations, designing restaurants, 5-superstar motels and houses, earlier than co-founding Design Cafe in 2011, along with her accomplice Shezan Bhojani. Design Cafe is an award-successful design firm, with projects across the nation. Ramanan has experience in purchaser administration, employee hiring, bills, networking, advertising, retention and research. “This trade wishes one to be very hands-on. We regularly put in force higher tactics and have interaction with the correct men and women, to control the challenges that come up,” explains Ramanan, who has been a TEDx speaker and country wide athlete.
hy this unexpected focus on females buyers? One indication comes from a study launched last month via actual-estate thinktank Track2Realty, titled ladies power in dwelling buying.

hough it was a tough task renovating the house, Emma found she relished it. “When you’re out of the workplace for a few years, you can lose a sense of yourself. Doing up the house gave me back confidence and self-worth,” she enthuses.

After the house was done, she toyed with going back into the workplace, but she hated the idea of commuting from Brittas to Dublin everyday. She began to reflect on possible options, when it hit her that she ought to go into interiors. She got so many compliments about the redesign of the house that she realised that starting her own business selling beautiful pieces to enliven and enhance others’ homes mightn’t be a bad idea. She discussed it with her friend, Christina Kenny, who had also lived abroad. Together, they decided to set up a new online interior store called Lamb Design, and bring to Ireland all the things that they had sourced abroad and loved. Emma has a studio in her house with its own separate entrance, where people can come by appointment and talk interiors and look at samples. They can also go online and purchase the many beautiful pieces on sale, including bedlinen, cushions, and lamps, many of which are made by artisans. She is trying to include as many Irish artisans as possible. She also has a little section of her website called Little Lamb, which is devoted to accessories for children’s rooms.

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