Decoration In The Architecture And Interior Design


I. Introduction :

general statements: Decoration has started since the dawn of the human history and it is still developing from one age and one visible to another. This development starts when the person realizes that he can express himself and his own thoughts with it; besides, lots of people keen on collect things that give relaxation sense and luxuries taste. So decoration plays an important role in our life and there are many aspects that we know but we never think about.

Thesis statement: the aspects of decoration such as its definition, places and occasions that we use decoration on, the significant of colors in decoration, decoration in the Renaissance Era and Islamic Culture, and types of decoration.

II. The Body :

A. Topic sentence: The definition of decoration can be exposed in many ways such as the scientific perspective and the personal perspective.

  1. Supporting one : the definition from the scientific perspective.
  2. Supporting two : the definition from the personal optical.

B. Topic sentence: Decoration varies depending on the function of the places:

  1. Supporting one : inhabited places.
  2. Supporting two : working places.
  3. Supporting three : essential places in people life like airports and hospitals.

C. Topic sentence : Events that need to be decorated:

  1. Supporting one : national occasions, for example national day of the UAE.
  2. Supporting two : religious occasions, for example Ramadan for Muslims and Christmas for Christian.
  3. Supporting three : social occasions, for example wedding parties.

D. Topic sentence : The importance of colors in decoration that they affect on people’s feeling and reflect the beauty of places:

  1. Supporting one : the effect of colors on people by the comfortable colors for their eyes.
  2. Supporting two : colors reflect the beauty of places by light colors.

E. Topic sentence : Decoration has been flourished in the Renaissance Era in Europe as well as other arts.

  1. Supporting one : people use their view in decoration to decorate houses, palaces, and churches.
  2. Supporting two : examples on how they build new designs , how the ceiling told us religious stories, and how the palaces ware decorated.

F. Topic sentence : The Islamic culture and its principles have its own impact on the decoration of architecture and interior design.

  1. Supporting one : The use of the Kufic script on the decoration of the buildings.
  2. Supporting two : the use of clay to make pottery pillars and ports.
  3. Supporting three : comparison between the materials that the Islamic culture use it with the materials that the European artists use it.
  4. Supporting four : the use of the Iranian carpets in the Islamic decoration.

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