Decoration in the Islamic Culture

Decoration in the Renaissance Era :

Decoration has been flourished in the Renaissance Era in Europe. In this Era, there was a revival in many areas including art, painting, and sculpture. People allocated these arts not in an independent way only like photo gallery but also they used their new view in decorating houses, places ,and churches in Italy, France , and England. They used landscapes, portraits, and even painting murals to give their building unique designs. It is obviously in the churches decoration in Italy, that the ceiling told us religious stories through their painting. The palaces are designed by large portraits of their owners and statuses of them. This kind of decoration was the fundamental stone in the classical school of decoration.

Decoration in the Islamic Culture :

The Islamic culture and its principles have its own impact on the decoration of architecture and interior design. The Kufic script was used in the adornment of the building facades such as mosques, houses, and palaces. As well as, this kind of touch was in the furniture with its distingue designs. They use different kinds of materials like clay to make pottery pillars and ports , they used this clay also to make pots which are painted with colorful pictures instead of using metals; on the other hand, the European artists who used expensive materials like gold and silver which are unpleasant to use according to Islam. It is worth mentioning that the Iranian carpets have been used to cover the floors of mosques, hotels, and places up till now.

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Types of decoration :

There are different types of adornment in our current Era that used by people in the design of their houses. These designs are divided into two types classical and modern. First, the classical decoration is the first exporter of luxury and beauty, because some simple ideas are the key to this type of decoration. In addition, it gives a sense of the duff and nostalgia for the old heritage which is characterized by beauty and elegance. Second, the modern decoration has simple features, elegant, and smoothness. And it use striking colors that give the place vibrant and light. Also the most important featured of this kind of decoration that it is very practical.


In conclusion, the decoration have many aspects that its difficult to discuss it all. And since ancient times we use decoration in our life and it get influenced day after day by our behavior which led to its develop all the time. The back of this development on the definition of decoration , where we use it, when we use it, its relationship with colors, and on its different kinds.

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