Design and multi-physical properties of a new hybrid hemp-flax composite material

Design and multi-physical properties of a new hybrid hemp-flax composite material
The incorporation of the flax fibers has increased the ductility of the hemp concrete.
Flax fibers have improved the compressive power of hemp concrete.
The hybrid composite appears to have a lower water absorption than hemp concrete.
Hemp-flax hybrid concretes confirmed a decrease shrinkage of approximately 15% in comparison to traditional hemp concrete.
An experimental research changed into carried out so that it will study the residences of a hybrid hemp-flax composite fabric in time period of capillary water absorption, mechanical electricity, thermal conductivity and shrinkage. The hemp-flax composite material is made with 90% hemp shives and 10% flax fibers. Hemp aggregates have a excessive water absorption capability, which led to a discount of the hemp concrete mechanical performances. four mixes were made for: shuttered walls, external coating, floor insulation and roof insulation. first of all, bio-based totally aggregates were characterized in term of particle size distribution and water absorption. Then, the compressive power of those 4 mixes turned into determined to evaluate the mechanical behavior of the hybrid composite cloth with hemp concrete. The capillary absorption and the full shrinkage of these bio-based totally substances have been additionally measured. ultimately, we measured the thermal conductivity coefficient of those materials. The consequences of the compressive electricity show a giant development because of the incorporation of flax fibers. Flax fibers enhance the compactness of the cloth, thus increasing its density, which leads to a greater mechanical strength. It turned into found that the capillary absorption of hemp concrete seems to be associated with the aggregates/pa

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