Extension of French Japanese High School 2002

Hrenochi Hare Sugamo 2001

Third, in 2002:

The border between inside and outside, public and private Hamarek logic in central Tokyo, there is Dentsu tower consists of 48 floors, the line shows the ground until you feel it disappear in the sky, it designed a way that allows the sun to be reflected upon as encountered made of glass that causes for all day.

Dentsu Tower 2002

The project of French high school in Tokyo, including the various structures of a portion of an extension, the original design of this school was complicated thing has caused some significant challenges, such harmony with neighboring structures, and integration with the original buildings and expand the free space of the school … Building Construction sequence and to create a multi-purpose spaces on the basis of metal and glass structures.


This long, narrow basement in a building in the Ginza neighborhood was converted into a distinctive bar using the color red and mirrors as the main design elements. The entrance via a staircase lined with velvet drapes and red lights arouses the visitor’s curiosity. On the lower level, the space is arranged around a bar and three couches, in the form of a circular niche, that are reflected in the mirror at the far end.

Cabaret 2002

Ginto occupies the fourth floor of a building devoted to commerce in Ikebukuro; it comprises a large restaurant divided into various spaces suited for single guests, couples or groups. The name Ginto, which means “silver rabbit”, served as a reference point in the design process. Silver is present in the main dining room, not only on the walls, furniture and decorative objects but also on the drapes made with silver beads that serve as dividing element.

Ginto Restaurant 2002

The overriding aim of this bar is not very different from that of the majority of Tokyo’s nightspots: the creation of a restful, welcoming atmosphere that provides a relaxing break from the hubbub of the city. In the case of Lounge O, set in the exclusive Aoyama neighborhood, this purpose is fulfilled by means of delicate lighting that emphasizes the interplay of textures and colors in its interior. The main hall marked off into various areas by two glass boxes in the middle of the space that serve as lamps.

Lounge 2002

The main characteristics of the brands on sale in this store – a distinctive style, a mixture of materials or manufacturing techniques – are also the guiding principles of the design of the space. These premises on the first floor of shopping mall in the fashionable Omotesando neighborhood have served as the backdrop for experimentation with the possibilities and combination of materials, with respect to both the proposals of those that existed in the original space.

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