For Internal Use Only, For Now

“I love looking after the kids, but I feel I have so much more to give. By working from home I can fuel my passion, and the kids are none the wiser,” she says with a laugh.
And whenever she wants to feel like a carefree kid herself, all she has to do is go into the garden. “That day we first came to see the house, I picked up a leaf, and I got thThe announcement could spell trouble for Intel, whose processors have dominated the data center server market for years, where it has been a long-standing Microsoft partner. According to Intel’s marketing materials, 98 percent of servers powering the cloud infrastructure run on its chips.


But all that may be about to change. Microsoft has already developed a version of Windows Server to run on Qualcomm’s chips, demonstrating one today that was developed for Microsoft’s internal use. Redmond contributed the specifications for the server to the 2017 Open Compute Project U.S. Summit running today and tomorrow in Santa Clara, Calif.

At the moment, the server is only being used internally, and neither company has shed any light on when or if they would be launching hardware based on the design to the public. But Microsoft did say it is committed to the project, which it considers significant for the company.

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