Home Improvement : Fake Panels Brighten Dull Doors

If your home is normal of those built inside the remaining 35 years or so, most in all likelihood all the interior doors appearance the identical. Odds are, each one of them is the sort called the hole-cored flush door. These doorways feature well and they’re very most economical, however their simple, flat plywood faces can end up some thing of a bore.

What can you do approximately this, brief of changing the doorways? Plenty of things. One easy way to dress up doors like those is the innovative use of paint. Lay out some faux panels in the door the use of overlaying tape, then paint the “panels” with a shade that contrasts with the rest of the door.

This technique, accomplished with bold, shiny shades, can upload actual zip to a baby’s room. Through firming the colors down–to one-of-a-kind shades of the same hue, as an example–you can use the equal approach in other rooms of the residence.

A good greater effective scheme is to get dressed up the door with moldings. Go all the way down to the lumber backyard and pick out out a few molding that moves your fancy. Bring it home, cut it in your miter field and glue it to the door. You can lay out the molding to form a single rectangular body, spaced in a few inches from the brink of the door to clear the knob. Or you could use it to create , four or six fake panels.

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