I will excel as an interior designer

I would love to have the pleasure to attend_____________ because, I believe this school and its curriculum will prepare me for the career of my dreams. Having working design professionals as teachers was an important factor when choosing the right school. and based on my research I know the staff at __________ will not only help me expand my knowledge but open up a new world of opportunities in my chosen field. The thought of having Manhattan as my campus, makes this dream that much more exciting. The opportunities in this city are limitless.

As a transfer student, I’ve had the chance to experience regular college and I can say that it was not for me. At _____ I know every class I take will be of lifetime importance. Applying to this school was a major step on becoming what I was destined to be, and given the amazing opportunity to attend I know I will excel as an interior designer.

One of the main reasons why I am interested in Interior Design is because it allows me to get creative in order to solve a problem. I enjoy the challenge of integrating the space I am working with, the client’s needs, the budget I am given, among other factors. What influenced my interest of designing was the constant change of environments as I grew up. My family moved to new homes frequently, and were constantly renovating and upgrading. Before moving into a newly built house, my parents would always request personalized changes to the floor plan. When making these changes, they would strive to improve the functionality of the home, to accommodate how our family would use the space. Their attitude of not settling for less, and making their visions a reality were instilled in me. Subconsciously I applied these traits to how I played a computer game called The Sims 3. This game is what truly sparked my interest in Interior Design. It allowed me to design homes and customize the interior and exterior to my liking. Since then I frequently create new floor plans for both houses and commercial buildings in my spare time. I love the freedom of having creative expression because I can include my personality and character into my designs. Creating floor plans started to become a hobby so I decided to pursue my interest further through a Technical Design course along with a Visual Arts course. These two courses further cemented my interest towards Interior Design. Visual Arts helped me grasp the concept of colour theory and positive and negative spaces, as well as all the other elements and principles of design. Technical Design has been the biggest push with supporting my decision of going into this field. I have gained experience with AutoCAD over three years, as well as Google SketchUp, and Envisioneer for the past two years. One of the projects that helped me increase my knowledge in AutoCad was a challenge to create a functional floor plan within a limited space. This project challenged me to make the best use of a given space, and incorporate the essentials of a standard house. After learning and using these three programs, I have grown to love designing house plans electronically. My upbringing and academic experiences are the two major components that drove my interest towards Interior Design.

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