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Lancing devices can motive needlestick injuries. Use and upkeep User(s): Patient, clinician, nurse Maintenance: Patient or clinician Training: Training guide Environment of use Settings of use: Home, hospital, medical doctor health facility Requirements: NA (battery-operated handheld devices do now not have special settings necessities) Product specifi cations Approx. Dimensions (mm): 90 x 50 x 100 Approx. Weight (kg): 0.Sixty five Consumables: Test strips, batteries Price range (USD): 15 – 1500 Typical product life time (years): 5-7 Shelf lifestyles (consumables): Test strips: 6 months Types and variations Specialized devices for neonate can be available; some devices not supposed for use with neonates; a few fashions allow alternatesite checking out (fi ngertip, forearm, palm) Glucose Analyzer UMDNS GMDN 16488 15102 Analyzers, Point-of-Care, Whole Blood Glucose Analyzers, Laboratory, Body Fluid, Glucose 56684 56685 44206 Home-use/factor-of-care glucose analyser IVD Battery-powered Home-use/point-of-care glucose analyser IVD Line-powered Laboratory glucose analyser IVD, computerized Other common names: Glucometers, glucose meters, glucose video display units, blood sugar meters http://www.Who.Int/medical_devices/en/index.Html © Copyright ECRI Institute 2011 (no longer together with the GMDN code and device call). Reproduced with Permission from ECRI Institute’s Healthcare Product Comparison System. © Copyright GMDN Agency 2011. GMDN codes and device names are reproduced with permission from the GMDN Agency. Core scientific system – Information Health hassle addressed Used to depend blood cells. An abnormal crimson cell be counted may additionally suggest polycythemia or anemia, which occurs because of blood loss, failure of the bone marrow to supply RBCs, vascular hemolysis, hypersplenism, or defi ciencies of iron, nutrition B12, or folic acid. Abnormal white cell counts can also indicate allergic reactions, bacterial or viral infections, infl ammatory problems, tumors, tissue destruction, poisonous metabolic states, leukemia, myeloproliferative syndromes, parasitic infecitons, or typhoid fever. Product description Handheld tool or benchtop device, sometimes placed on a cart, with a show (usually LCD), a keypad to enter information, and a slot to insert a test strip or pattern tube. Some models may also have alarms, reminiscence functions, touchpens, USB ports to transfer statistics to a computer, and/or a small storage compartment for reagents.

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