Market through your customers

The American Society of interior designers suggests staying in touch with your favorite clients even when you are not working on jobs for them so that you stay fresh in their memory and they may recommend you to a friend. The society also recommends gently urging your clients to tell their friends about you. Learn more about your clients, their needs and how they found you by offering a customer survey. Ask customers to explain why they needed an interior designer, what drew them to call you and what made them choose you over the other designers they considered. These answers can give you insight into what customers are actually looking for, and you can emphasize these areas in your next marketing plan.

4. Use the American Society of Interior Designers’ resource library. This professional organization has a number of online resources that can help you think about how to network, find clients, market through your clients and use marketing materials. While you must find unique ways to market your interior design business, since you want to show how your business stands apart from everyone else’s, these resources aimed specifically at the interior design entrepreneur can help you get the ball rolling

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