Marketplace increase


Our primary goal market contains of the lady population. Similarly demographic breakup of the woman population of 0.87 thousands and thousands is as follows –

Age – smart class

<18 years zero.14 million

18-27 years zero.15 million

27-forty years zero.33 million

40-60 0.18 million

60 years and above zero.08 million

Our goal market is similarly narrowed right down to woman populace inside the age group of 27 to 60 years with a total populace of 0.Sixty one million

Annual family profits primarily based class

< USD 24000 p.A 0.11 million

USD 24000- USD 48000 p.A 0.44 million

USD 48000-USD 60000 p.A 0.15 million

USD 60000-USD 100000 p.A 0.10 million

> USD 100000 p.A 0.07 million

right here we endorse to target the phase with an annual family earnings of USD48000 p.A and above.

(0.32 million populace size)

some different vital figures about our target market within the age group of 27 to 60 years (zero.61 million populace) are –

37% of girl in have completed college training.

23% of this populace are income primarily based people.

9% of this population are independent marketers.

66% out of 0.Sixty one million are married.

Fifty five% of the target population have their personal residence.

Forty seven% of the girls do no longer have youngsters dwelling with them.

Sixty four% of the population subscribes to at least one magazine on women troubles.

Our target customers –

anybody who unearths hobby in decorating her/his houses bureaucracy our goal purchaser base for the first years.

Psalms Interiors aims at supplying its clients with an opportunity to beautify their houses in ways that match their tastes and preferences.


As in line with kingdom estimates – the variety of family in the area grew at an average of 15% in the last three years and the price of grow

th is envisioned to be round 15.Eight% for the following yr. Around 47% of the family comprises of people within the age institution of 27-40 years of age. For that reason the variety of household is anticipated to develop to zero.Forty two million with the aid of the end of yr 2008.

In comparison extra than forty one.2 % of houses inside the location have been built prior to 1970. Consequently the marketplace is also witnessing a surge in preservation of these houses.

Primarily based at the above findings, Psalms interiors feels that there may be a massive untapped potential within the interior layout enterprise industry in the place. Within the first year of its operation, psalms interior proposes to generate 80% of sales through consultancy and final 20% thru product sale.”

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