standpoint and concentration to important points, allow us create a way of calm on this frenetic field,” Ramanan explains. “A greater stage of integrity and commitment, are my finest strengths as a girl on this discipline” Nazia Yusuf Izuddin President, SN team, Uttarakhand

“Being a woman on this subject is an competencies” Gita Ramanan
Co-founder and chief design and HR officer, Design Cafe, Bengaluru

Gita Ramanan is an architect, who additionally has an Entrepreneurial administration Certification from ISB, Hyderabad. She labored has with a number of design corporations, designing restaurants, 5-superstar motels and houses, earlier than co-founding Design Cafe in 2011, along with her accomplice Shezan Bhojani. Design Cafe is an award-successful design firm, with projects across the nation. Ramanan has experience in purchaser administration, employee hiring, bills, networking, advertising, retention and research. “This trade wishes one to be very hands-on. We regularly put in force higher tactics and have interaction with the correct men and women, to control the challenges that come up,” explains Ramanan, who has been a TEDx speaker and country wide athlete.

Ramanan considers herself fortunate to belong to a family where getting proficient and making a profession used to be typical. Two generations of ladies before her, managed their households, as well as their careers. “i’m additionally lucky to have a existence-partner, who knows and is familiar with me and honors my selections and intelligence. I try no longer be a ‘super lady’ and as an alternative, focus on the best of lifestyles,” she adds.

“while I face countless challenges as an entrepreneur, architect and clothier, being a lady, will not be certainly one of them. I certainly am no longer diminishing the challenges that ladies face in today’s workplace and in retaining a steadiness between their individual and professional lives.

However, being a woman in this enterprise is an advantage, as we naturally possess patience and resolution. Our empathy, holistic

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