the Tough reality Of Moore’s law

in keeping with Moore’s regulation, each 22 months sees a doubling of the range of transistors in step with square millimeter of silicon. those additional transistors may be used to lessen the cost of the existing functionality, combine greater features on an SoC, or add new functionality not to be had until now.

If the strategy is to reduce cost, the SoC’s unit quantity has to catch up on the rate lower. To make a factor, a 50% reduction in price has to be offset with the aid of a one hundred% increase in unit volume to hold existing margin bucks. If no longer, each successive generation of chips will lessen revenue until it’s far now not economically feasible to continue manufacturing.

A strategy of integrating external capability onto an SoC becomes economically feasible whilst integration can offer the marketplace the identical functionality at the prevailing charge or much less for the capability being included. Take the instance of integrating an photo signal processor (ISP) from a digital digicam chip into the SoC’s applications processor. This integration reduces the circuit-board footprint and bill-of-materials (BOM) price. It transfers revenue from the ISP dealer to the application-processor SoC provider.

The purchaser advantages from the cost and power financial savings finished thru integration in addition to the advantages of progressed quality inherent in decreased factor remember. The SoC dealer benefits from the margin dollars that could in any other case go to the outside ISP chip dealer. Of path, every component provider holds the same view in vying for functions to integrate.

adding completely new functionality to an SoC gives the finest potential sales, because the rate is decided by way of what the marketplace will undergo instead of the aggressive price strain of a commoditized function set. An example of precise capability is the primary clever-smartphone SoC to integrate a excessive-definition video codec to compress the video move generated via the cellphone’s digicam and to play returned the various famous internet video formats. any other example is the first SoC to integrate on-chip, multi-contact tactile enter reputation capability. providers of each of those SoCs ought to command a price that depended on what clients had been willing to pay for the particular new features rather than competing based on tolerance for margin reduction.

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