The value of Design

The value of Design
A excellent internet site begins life within the design stage. There are a couple of facets of the website which are formed at this stage, together with among different things, layout, color, sound, content material, functionality and maintainability. No reasonable man or woman would to construct a house without designing it first, no reasonable internet site builders must start building with out a design both. Even as I admit there is also a greater danger of succeeding with the un-designed website than with the un-designed house, you’re promoting your self brief in the event you bypass the design stage. A friend of mine says (about programming pc methods) “you can not debug a system; which you could simplest debug a process design. Certain that you would be able to repair the syntax things, nevertheless it’s in design where the bugs are eliminated — or offered!” sensible words! The equal holds real for a internet site, although by means of “computer virus” we would imply some thing a bit of exclusive.

If design is so major, how must we go about it? This introduction is intended to aid you take a structured procedure to the design of your website online, and might be make existence less difficult as you revisit some aspects of your previous work. This is a system i am going via at all times with my possess websites. The more you do, the more you realise the advantages of fine design work.

I used the analogy of a house design a moment in the past; there are some just right parallels to be drawn between these two varieties of design. The design of a condo includes now not most effective the looks of the completed house, but in addition the material of which it’s made, the manor wherein the material is used (sorry, i will be able to certainly not face up to a good pun!), the time and price required to position it together, the ease of access and the usability of its rooms and the building’s sturdiness and maintainability. A website design involves the look and feel of the website online, the languages and server resources it’s going to use, the programming and data constructions concerned, the time and programming expertise wanted, finish-user ease of use and web site preservation. Design a condominium, design a website. Equal factor — almost <G>!!

I am hoping i’ve satisfied you of the significance of taking a bit overtime within the design stage of your progress work. “A sew in time saves nine,” my Grandma used to claim. And the net wasn’t even round then!

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