There’s More Than One Way to Do It

  • 1.
  • First off, a warning. There is not simply one manner to do it. There are literally loads. The ideal answer for one event won’t make any experience for some other.
  • “Don’t limit your self to a unmarried workflow,” says Dylan Armajani, who works in digital workflow technologies at Viacom, “and get to understand the equipment and technology that’s at your fingertips.”
  • With all of the encoding and transmission options now available, Armajani says “you honestly can circulation live from pretty much anywhere within the international on pretty much any budget and as a minimum have your content display up online. The undertaking truely turns into weighing the price vs. Exceptional vs. Viable factors of failure and determining what workflow is optimal on your display.”
  • 2. Use a Video Switcher
  • Let’s begin with the signal coming out of the digicam. The exceptional exercise is to use a couple of cameras and a video switcher to create a visually interesting, dynamic show.
  • When selecting a switcher, don’t underestimate the wide variety of inputs you will want. Even though you would possibly simplest use or 3 cameras, you could want many extra inputs, including pictures from the degree presentation, animated backgrounds, more GoPro camera positions, and video playback resources.
  • Because there are so many switcher alternatives to be had and diverse viewpoints, it’s beyond the scope of this article to make man or woman guidelines. The pleasant switcher for any undertaking is the only that offers the capabilities you want within your price range. Perhaps greater importantly, it’s the one you’re maximum cozy using.

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