Vast Plank floor choices

We quite often accomplice wide plank ground with rustic cottages or colonial-technology farmhouses, however that doesn’t imply it can’t be stylish in modern latest properties too! With so many options on hand in phrases of dimension, colour, species, conclude, and development, just about any design aesthetic will also be complemented with large plank ground.

Sizes – “broad plank” generally approach boards which are 127mm in width, and plank lengths are typically longer, too, creating a more seamless appear. It can be in these broader widths and longer lengths that wide plank flooring features its drama and difference over slender strip floors. Blended width planks offer a country consider, even as single-width flooring lend themselves to a more modern-day environment.

Species – general species equivalent to rustic oak, mahogany, bamboo, and rustic cherry from our ordinary factors assortment are versatile huge plank flooring options that complement most cabinetry and dwelling furniture. Uncommon species have a richness and pleasure that “pops” in any space, so wider planks exhibit off more of their great points.

Development –Engineered hardwood is actual wooden flooring, but it’s more steady than strong timber and no more prone to shrinking and expanding. You’ll in finding tons of options in engineered wide plank flooring, principally in our way of life 14mm collection.

Use vast plank floor as the centerpiece of your house. The width of the person boards will have a dramatic impact on the look of your ground and the total design of your residence

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